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March 28, 2018

Published for about a week with Ad Hoc Fiction. Click on the button below or the logo to see their site.  Now here my 150 word flash fiction that was published:




Even before the sun rises, it is at the ready. He pulls it off the bedpost, where the body of it is wrapped around like a python. He caresses it softly, remembering the day his Pa handed it down to him. The story he had shared with him the day it left that man's gnarled, strong hands and into his eager new hands.  His Pa was overseas serving his country. Nervous. He carried it with him as a reminder of his roots. A good luck charm so to speak. And it was just that, a good luck charm. The very day he was to return to the states, his camp came under attack, and a single bullet hits him. Of all places, the round struck his buckle, lodging itself in there. It had saved his life. As he slides it around, he wears his Pa's metal savior with pride.

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