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A New...

Working towards a new way of life. Trying to grow, trying to expand, trying to survive. Things have changed and most of us were not ready. So what do we do? Well, adapt. We have to adapt to the way the world is operating now. Here we are, in our new normal. Question is, was there ever a normal? In my opinion, no, there wasn't a normal. Normal is catch all phrase to avoid description and differences. It is a safe word. But I guarantee you, nothing is normal and honestly that is okay. We don't have to be normal, we were created to be different. We were created to provide another way to view life for others and ourselves. Embrace it. Accept it. Use it to benefit yourself and use it to benefit others. As the saying is going right now, "We are all in this together." We are, and let us provide each other our insights and skills.

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