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Post# 3 - Oh The Rejections...

I should first start this blog entry off by saying...rejections sucks!

Okay, now got that off my chest, I can continue. I'm discovering that rejection is not only a formality in the writer's world, but it can also be a very helpful tool. I've just received yet, another one of those "EHHH! Wrong answer, thanks for playing" responses. At first I took it to heart, but spending the first few moments thinking about every possible comeback remarks I could say or use, I decided to look at it in a different light. For each one of those plain and generic answers, somewhat hidden inside is help. What? You ask. How? You wonder. Well, I'm glad I pretended you said such questions. Let me put it this way, for each turn-down you receive, is just a chisel off what will become a finely polished, perfect piece. As for how big a chunk is taken off, depends on how much feed back is given back. We can all see the good in anything as long as we simply what are you waiting for...try!

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