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Post# 4 - Editing, editing, editing, editing...

I spend just about a year to think, outline, and write this, what I believe, is a wonderful novel. Then after all is said and done, I started to read it over and low and behold, mistakes up the wahzoo...I mean more than I can count on my hands and feet. I thought to myself, how could someone like me be so lenient on the the errors? Well, in my case, my mind tends to work in spurts, where sometimes things make sense, and others...well, who knows what I was thinking. That is where editing comes in, so you don't submit a piece of writing that makes you sound like you are just shy of snapping. As frustrating as it might be, and it can be very frustrating, it needs to be done, so you, the writer, can produce the better work you possibly can. Now that being said, I don't care who you are, to physically see and catch all your mistakes, is nearly impossible. I've rewritten a chapter several times, and only when I gave it to my 12 year old son to read, is when he showed me my errors, or where I made no sense at all in what I was trying to get across. So what do you do? That is where you look into those who offer editing services. They do this for, well, most part, a living. Granted it is an expense, but having that piece of mind of turning something in that is mistake free, will be well worth it.

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