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  • Erick Ian Gael

Post# 6 - Excitement

It comes and goes like a summer a baby's the pain you get when you accidentally pinch your skin in between the chair and table, well, actually that last for a while, but the excitement for your story comes and goes. The more I write I'm finding out that I love thinking of ideas and when it comes down to guts of the story, well, like asking your children to do chores, it's gone. So how do you get it back? That is a great question. And the answer, is, wait for it, this is going to be great, keeping reading, here it comes, finally it's here...whatever works for you. I know what you are thinking, okay I don't know exactly what you are thinking, but it is probably along the lines of, "That's it?!" You have two main parts of your brain, the logical side, and the creative side. So however you can access that creative side of the idea maker, you will find your excitement for your tale, waiting there, like that anxious puppy at the door when you get home. You set it free and it will run wild, jump up and down, spin in circles, and even possibly pee on you...hopefully not the latter. It doesn't matter how you get there, just as long as you get there. So read, free write, surf the web, catch up on this blog, do anything to get the fun side of your noggin up and running. Trust me, you'll be stoked about that wonderful story once again...and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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